Nuovo Xcortech X3500 Chronograph Expand

Xcortech X3500 Cronografo

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Does what it says on the tin, it measures the velocity of the BB that comes out of your gun. Very compact and solid, easy to bring around with you to your games. Its also got an folding display unit which can be removed. The display unit can be mounted on the BB gun tactic rail.What also makes this thing of a beauty is that it features wireless communications for both units.

The dimensions of the unit is 84.5 x 59 x 31(mm) and weighs in at 200g.

Wonderful piece of technology the display unit shows rate of fire, initial velocity, BB information and memory of last 25 shots. The display unit needs 2 AAA batteries to run and the chrono unit needs 2 AA batteries, they dont come included.


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Batteria Li-Po 7,4v 1500mha 25c

dimensioni in cm 11,5 x 1,6 x 1,2 ideale per tubo del calcio m4

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