Optronics Kit XPS Eotech / 3X Magnifier - Desert Expand

Optronics Kit XPS Eotech / 3X Magnifier - Desert

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XPS with 3X scope is a Eotech / 3X Magnifier combination in DE. Just like a typical rail attached military style red dot sight, only smaller and lighter, this model is barely over 9cm long and coming in around 200g.
With a reasonable sight picture it is generously spaced with the square shape many eyes finding more natural to sight through than circular ones. The dot projection is a dot center halo type; brightness is adjustable on the fly with buttons and color can be switched between red and green just as easily. The red / green dot is very crisp as you'll easily be able to identity the specified dots.

Sight can be zeroed via elevation / windage dials on the side which require a flathead screwdriver, small coin or similar such object to engage.

The 3X Magnifier can be used in conjunction with all Aimpoint sights for long-range aiming, alternatively whenever the situation needs closer or more detailed aiming capability. It does not have a reticle itself, thus eliminating the need for re-zeroing when shifting from non-magnified to magnified aiming and vice versa.

For quick attachment and release, the QD Mount is recommended.

This sight is a toy only and should not be used on a real firearm. It is manufactured by Hurricane of Taiwan with international patents on the internal technology.


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