Dummy Armor SAPI Plate Medium Expand

Dummy Armor SAPI Plate Medium

m51611188, MSPX-SAPI


30.5 x 24 c 2.5 cm dummy SAPI plate is designed to replicate the look of the real ceramic plates used in real plate carriers. This hollow plate is lightweight at only 296g (each), it will fill out the plate space in a plate carrier to give it that distinctive bulk without adding much weight. 

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Although durable, please not that these plates are of course for recreational / costume Airsoft use only and will absolutely not stop any real kind of firearm projectile. This plate will work in conjunction with a plate carrier to stop Airsoft (low volume air guns) only. 

This purchase is a package of two such plates; please note that the plates are not heavy but due to their size will drive up the packaging cost slightly. For best value, you will probably want to combine this purchase with a plate carrier vest to get the best value for your purchase. 


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